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Maximizing Recruiting Capacity

Posted by Norm Clausen on March 13, 2015 12:28:00 PM EDT

Planning for your recruiting cycles can be a major challenge. It’s as much of an art as it is a science to know exactly when half your new college grads are going to quit or when you’re going to have to bring on an influx of contingent workers for the high season.  But what happens when..

Brin McCagg talks Recruiting with Peter Clayton on TotalPicture Radio

Doug Horn on January 27, 2015 10:36:00 AM EST

RecruitiFi CEO Brin McCagg sat down for another chat with HR luminary and award-winning producer/director Peter Clayton of TotalPicture Media to update him on the great strides RecruitiFi has made since they spoke last, as well as the

Watch the video in its entirety on TotalPicture..

RecruitiFi Talks Emerging HR Tech Startups on the Workology Podcast

Norm Clausen on October 7, 2014 12:59:00 PM EDT

Recently, the CEO and Founder of RecruitiFi, Brin McCagg, spoke with top HR pundit and founder of Blogging4Jobs, Jessica Miller-Merrell, on her popular Workology Podcast. The two discussed RecruitiFi and how it fits into the landscape of emerging technologies in HR and recruiting. Read..

RecruitiFi, Uber, Airbnb, and Quirky Headline Sharing Economy Event

Norm Clausen on October 1, 2014 10:27:00 AM EDT

Recently, executives from RecruitiFi, Uber, Airbnb, and Quirky sat on an entertaining and informative panel to discuss The Future of the Sharing Economy, one of the fastest growing segments of the tech world. Panelists included Brin McCagg, CEO of RecruitiFi the world’s first..

Press Release: RecruitiFi Adds Top Recruiting Experts to Advisory Board

Norm Clausen on September 10, 2014 1:54:00 PM EDT

View the original release on PRWeb.

RecruitiFi Adds Top Recruiting Experts to Advisory Board New members join existing advisors to complete a board that includes the recruiting industry's top visionaries.

New York, NY (PRWeb) September 10, 2014 - RecruitiFi, Inc., Crowdsourced..

3 Notorious Time Sinks in Recruiting

Doug Horn on August 15, 2014 11:42:00 AM EDT


Ask an employer what the one thing they spend the greatest amount of time on and 99 out of 100 times, the answer you’ll get is recruiting. It’s one of the most critical aspects of running a successful business, but it can be a cruel mistress if you let it. Sometimes, it even feels..

Should We Expect HR Technology To Solve Our Hiring Problems?

Norm Clausen on August 7, 2014 10:00:00 AM EDT

Our resident technology expert and connoisseur of all things Cajun, Doug Horn, recently wrote an insightful blog on whether technology is replacing the human element in recruiting. It’s an interesting post discussing the attempts of ATSs and other recruiting technology to engage in..

Is Technology Replacing the Human Element in Recruiting?

Doug Horn on August 5, 2014 1:28:00 PM EDT

With the advent of technologies like applicant tracking systems, the recruiting world has certainly become more efficient, but the argument could also be made that it has become colder and more mechanized. Your company can have all the analytics and algorithms you want, but no computer..

What is a Fair Placement Fee to Pay Third Party Recruiters?

Doug Horn on July 30, 2014 1:46:00 PM EDT

If you’ve ever contracted a third party recruiter to fill a vacant position within your company, it’s likely you’ve asked yourself the question, “What is a fair placement fee?” While it may seem like a straightforward question, the answer is more complicated, as there are numerous..

Press Release: World-Class Human Resources Advisors Join RecruitiFi

Posted by Norm Clausen on July 29, 2014 10:12:00 AM EDT

View the original online release on PRWeb.

World-Class Human Resources Advisors Join RecruitiFi New Advisors Include Industry's Most Influential Leaders

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) July 29, 2014 - RecruitiFi, Inc., a market-leading recruiting technology company, today announced that five of..