Top Challenges Facing Recruiting

Norm Clausen on April 9, 2014 7:22:00 PM EDT

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As if recruiting wasn’t complex enough, the impending economic recovery promises to make hiring that much more challenging. With increasing job availability, and falling unemployment rates leading to a shrinking of the available job force, we’re about to enter a proverbial “war” for talent.
While competition for talent was at a minimum, many companies fell behind the curve on their recruiting strategy without significant detriment. These times are quickly coming to an end, leaving corporate America in a sink or swim situation. A company’s readiness to compete in the coming years will be tied closely to their ability to adapt to the unique recruiting challenges that have arisen in the face of an evolving workforce and advancing technology.

Author and HR thought leader, Dr. John Sullivan just published a terrific article on titled, “Big Challenges for Recruiting Leaders — The Top 10 Upcoming Recruiting Problems.” The article reads like a blueprint for why we originally started RecruitiFi. Generally we try to remain objective and refrain from being too self-promotional, but after reading this, it was almost uncanny how our crowdsourced recruiting model was specifically developed to alleviate these obstacles in recruiting.  So, here are Mr. Sullivan’s 10 main points in a nutshell (we encourage you to read the full article for more detail), and how RecruitiFi provides a unique solution to each of the biggest upcoming challenges in recruiting.

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1. Not being prepared for the return of intense recruiting competition
Most companies cut their HR and recruiting personnel during leaner times, leaving them in the lurch if they want to quickly hire as the economy recovers. RecruitiFi provides a cost-effective, time-efficient solution, which connects your company to the talent resources of thousands of expert agency recruiters. Most importantly, it does so without any of the traditional hassle and resources needed to manage outside recruiting vendors. We act as one vendor that provides the capabilities of thousands. A single hiring manager could use RecruitiFi to staff entire departments with ease, or a small team of internal recruiters could use it as a supplementary recruiting tool. RecruitiFi makes it simple to rapidly ramp your hiring efforts up or down without permanent budgetary and personnel considerations.
2. The increased volume of open positions will overload the recruiting system
If your company is undermanned in human resources, or you work with several approved external recruiting vendors, they’re about to be overwhelmed by the flood of jobs coming at them. But through RecruitiFi’s crowdsourced recruiting model, our jobs are spread over a pool of thousands of qualified recruiters. If your company is growing fast enough to overwhelm our recruiters, then recruiting probably isn’t your biggest problem—counting all your money might be. We can help with that too!
3. Rusty hiring managers and underdeveloped recruiters have diminished capabilities
Been so long since you’ve hired the only things growing in your recruiting department are cobwebs? No problem, lean on our recruiters who are actively contributing top candidates daily. Get only the best results as our recruiters are sorted for your specific industry, location, position level, and ranked by our proprietary algorithm for their recruiting skills and effectiveness.
4. A lack of speed will restrict your results
Everything moves faster today, and hiring is no different. During the recession, applicants had few choices, so a longer wait was tolerated.  But today, candidates have options, and you can expect to lose them if they don’t get rapid feedback.
Of course, it’s not like employers want to endure a drawn out hiring process, they’ve just never had a better option. Traditional contingency or retained searches could take a single recruiting firm weeks or months. And hiring off the job boards can flood your company with thousands of unqualified applicants, creating a significant delay while hiring managers weed through to find that solitary needle in the haystack—if there is one. Sourcing off LinkedIn allows you to find the exact type of candidate you’re looking for, but the majority are already employed and not interested in leaving their current positions, meaning most of your time and effort is wasted.
RecruitiFi’s unique JobCasts provide an ideal number of top tier candidates in an average of 24-72 hours—all with all the information necessary to make an immediate hire, and all who have personally confirmed their interest in your position. It’s the fastest, most effortless way to bring top talent in the door.
5. Long-ignored employer brands will begin to negatively impact recruiting
To be honest, we’re not sure we can help you there. Creating a brand is vital to every aspect of your company—including making yourself more attractive to top talent. If you’ve been totally ignoring your brand strategy, it’s high time to get moving on that. Maybe opening a Twitter account would be a good start.
6. Your current recruiting process may not have the capability of recruiting innovators
The argument is that innovative people want to be recruited in innovative ways.  If you’re looking for thought leaders and outside the box thinkers, the last place you’re going to find them is inside the box. RecruitiFi is the most advanced technology in recruiting, meaning our recruiters are on the cutting edge of their industry, and are subsequently sourcing cutting edge candidates.
7. Your recruiting strategy may be years out of date
RecruitiFi’s crowdsourcing approach applies a revolutionary new model to recruiting. We combine that technique with a unique payment model rewards excellent candidates and top recruiters, not just the recruiters that ultimately make the placement. Wrap it all up in a sleek interface employing the latest technology, and you’ve got a powerful yet intuitive recruiting solution called RecruitiFi.
8. Antiquated recruiting metrics lower your credibility with executives
Our proprietary algorithm ensures that you’re working with the top recruiters in your field. But don’t take our word for it—examine your advanced analytics on the site to see exactly what strategies have been most effective in your hiring. Transparency and hard numbers go a long way.
9. A shortage of effective recruiters is on the horizon
As internal teams were cut, many experienced recruiters went to the agency side.  There’s no shortage of expert third-party recruiters eagerly waiting to fill your job openings through RecruitiFi—and we have more signing up every day.
10. The lack of recruiting resources
Budgets and personnel were slashed in the last economic downturn, and many of them have failed to be reinstated. While times are still a little tight, it only makes sense to find the most affordable solution. RecruitiFi’s fees are roughly half of traditional executive search fees, and results are backed by a money back offer, guaranteeing you top talent without breaking your bottom line. Plus with nominal posting fees, you’re only really paying if you make a hire.
If you want to be ready for the upcoming war for talent, it’s time to start prepping. You have the choice to start rehiring additional HR/recruiting personnel (or outsourcing them through RPO), and getting serious about developing an internal strategy. Or you can start bringing all of your jobs directly to recruiting firms—and probably hire a few internal recruiters just to manage them along the way.  This all translates into an increased budget, very little in the way of innovation, and a step backwards in terms of speed.
If you want to combine speed, innovation, and affordability, we suggest taking a look at some of the online options in the recruiting market.  Of course, we think that RecruitiFi stacks up better than the competition, but there are a number of interesting solutions popping up—some may fit your business, some may not. But the key is to start moving and shaking. Things are about to heat up in hiring, and it’s better to be ahead of the trend than behind the eight ball.
On a side note, we promise to be more humble in the future.  But it’s not every day the teacher asks a bunch of questions and you have every answer. We’ll take our gold star and go back to quietly doodling in our notebook while daydreaming about lunchtime. Hope our moms packed PB&J with the crusts cut off.