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Norm Clausen on March 27, 2014 8:41:00 PM EDT

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First, let me thank you for joining us on the RecruitiFi blog.  We're very excited to bring our thoughts and research on recruiting to the public eye.  Having created the first crowdsourced recruiting platform we're in a very unique position to provide insights that very few people or organizations can.  

Personally communicating with hundreds of employers and thousands of recruiters on a weekly basis, we're able to qualify and quantify the exact processes that make recruiting industry work on both ends. We will continue to gather survey data from hiring managers and our pool of expert recruiters in a pledge to consistently improve our recruiting platform while sharing our findings with the recruiting industry.

We encourage everyone in the recruiting community to be active on our site, as well our blog.  Feel free to comment, share your ideas, agree with us, disagree with us—whatever your opinion and personal experience, we welcome your point of view.  In fact, if you’re an expert in recruiting, and you’d like to become a regular contributor, we invite you to contact us.

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That being said, in the coming months, we have an excellent lineup of guest bloggers planned from all different sides of the recruiting industry—agency recruiting, internal recruiting and human resources, RPO experts, and hiring managers.  Our goal is for to become the premier source of information for the recruiting industry, and we’re happy to invite you all to participate along the way.