RecruitiFi Response to German World Cup? All Hasselhoff, All Day.

Norm Clausen on July 16, 2014 1:13:00 PM EDT

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In honor of the German victory at the World Cup, RecruitiFi is offering a complimentary David Hasselhoff CD to all candidates hired through RecruitiFi’s state of the art hiring platform this week. After all, if there's one thing Germany loves more than soccer, it's the dreamy eyes of David Hasselhoff.

RecruitiFi candidates already receive a substantial monetary bonus for accurately confirming their start date and first year salary. However, this week’s hires will be shipped “The Very Best of David Hasselhoff,” a work of such magnitude, it’s earned a spot in the classical canon next to Brahms, Bach, and Beethoven.


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Patrick Long, casual soccer fan and Director of Relationship Management at RecruitiFi was reached for comment about his company’s unique payment structure.

“We’ve taken an unprecedented stance on spreading the rewards in the recruiting process,” Long stated.  “While the winning recruiter still gets the bulk of the placement fee, we give smaller incremental cash bonuses to recruiters who have candidates contacted and shortlisted into the yes pile.  Our thought is that everyone who’s done a good job should get paid for their work.”

Mr. Long continued, “Obviously, the candidate who gets hired is an integral part of the process. We’re already rewarding them monetarily for confirming information about their hire, but at the end of the day, they’re the top candidates on the market, so we wanted to do more.  We wanted to enrich their lives and touch their souls in a way that only David Hasselhoff and to a lesser degree Michael Bolton are capable of doing.”

David Hasselhoff: pop idol, aquatic hero, future striker for the German squad?

Actual reviews of the album on lead the RecruitiFi team that they'll be doing just that.

“A widely unrecognized genius outside of Germany, Hasselhoff galvanized the way we look at talking cars and lifeguard-related drama. For those of you who scoff at this great man's achievement, I guarantee that one listen to this powerful CD will have you Hassel-Haters singing a different tune.” - J Mischel

"Wow! Hasselhoff lays his musical credentials on the line and the gamble pays off. The sheer depth and breadth of this man's talent defies belief." - Mr RA Burke

The Germans marched to a World Cup victory, taking out Brazil, Portugal, and Argentina--the #3, 4, and 5 ranked teams in the world--by a combined 11 goals. Of course, it’s well agreed upon by soccer analysts everywhere that the goal differential would have been in the 20s or 30s had Hasselhoff himself taken the field.

Mr. Long noted, “We know the Hoff runs like a gazelle in sand—can you imagine how graceful he’d be on grass? His chiseled jaw alone is worth a five goal curve on a bad day. Not even the mighty Bastian Schweinsteiger has that kind of impact on the pitch.

Viewership of the tournament in the U.S. was greatly increased over prior years, despite the American team being a long shot to pull out a victory. They fielded a young squad this year and gained valuable tournament experience, making it through the group of death into elimination play. If they can continue to recruit top talent, they’re poised for a deep run in 2018. As such, RecruitiFi is already building their reserves of an American classic for future candidate incentives...


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