RecruitiFi, Greenhouse, & Quirky Co-Host Sourcing Panel

Norm Clausen on July 14, 2014 2:53:00 PM EDT

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Dan Chait and Brin McCagg

RecruitiFi and Greenhouse, who recently integrated their applications, teamed up with the crowdsourced invention site, Quirky, to co-host a recruiting panel focusing on sourcing techniques.  The highly esteemed panel consisted of representatives from each of the major sourcing channels on the market, as outlined in RecruitiFi's recent white paper on top sourcing methods.

Brin McCagg (Co-Founder of RecruitiFi) represented the current wave of top recruiting technology, Elizabeth Schillo (SVP at Dice) shed light on the job boards, Chad Astmann (Partner at Heidrick and Struggles) presented in favor of executive retained search firms, while John Hassett (Senior Executive at LinkedIn Talent Solutions) spoke about cuddly stuff like puppies and bunnies.  No, but really, John spoke about LinkedIn. Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse joined the crew from the ATS perspective, while Jason Medley represented the other side of the coin as Quirky's internal Director of Talent Acquisition.

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Moderator and award-winning producer and host of TotalPicture Radio, Peter Clayton opened the discussion with a quick show of hands through the crowd. We learned that roughly 75% use LinkedIn at some point in their hiring process, but only 10% get a warm and fuzzy feeling about the company in general.  After that, there was a pretty even showing with about 25% of the crowd using job boards, recruiting agencies, and recruiting solutions like RecruitiFi.  Not surprisingly 80% openly hate their ATS, and the other 20% apparently use Greenhouse, which got universally rave reviews by members of the audience.

Once we got into the nitty-gritty, Brin McCagg of RecruitiFi discussed the overwhelming amount of waste in the recruiting process. For every job search, a recruiter spends tremendous amounts of effort to source and vet their candidates--checking their experience, skills, references, and background. But at the end of each search, only one person gets the job, even if the rest are highly qualified, highly motivated, and available to work. Brin explained how RecruitiFi allows employers to tap into that vast resource, while allowing recruiters to utilize the work they've already done to curate their candidates.

In the video below, Brin givess a brief intro on his own experience and how RecruitiFi fits into the marketplace.

As the lone internal recruiter on the panel, Jason Medley of Quirky stressed the importance of pursuing internal referrals as a primary hiring tactic. "Quirky people know Quirky people," Jason said in the quirkiest of manners. Jason also shared the success of their internal referral program having grown from 1% to over 30% of their total hires in the past two years. Though, when that method is exhausted, however, Quirky remains flexible for the remaining 70% using LinkedIn, job boards, and some outside recruiters.

Quirky, and a number of the companies in attendance, happily use Greenhouse as their ATS.  Greenhouse CEO, Daniel Chait stressed that the actual hiring process was as important as having a solid sourcing strategy. Throwing your current employees into a room to interview incoming talent without an overarching game plan won't yield results. "You're lucky if they even get their resume," Dan said. Greenhouse allows your company to be more systematic about setting this strategy--unifying your team on what you're looking for, how you're looking for it, and how you'll ultimately make decisions.

For more information and updates on the panel, continue to check back into the blog and our YouTube Channel where we're uploading additional videos.  There's just too much recruiting knowledge to fit in one post.  We'll cover some of the points from LinkedIn, Dice, and Heidrick & Struggles in the upcoming days.