Press Release: RecruitiFi Introduces Gamification to Recruiting Industry

Norm Clausen on April 24, 2014 1:48:00 PM EDT

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Crowdsourced recruiting application, RecruitiFi, makes history by gamifying the recruiting industry. The platform becomes the first to offer cash rewards to recruiters who submit quality candidates in addition to those who make placements.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 24, 2014 -- RecruitiFi, the innovative crowdsourcing talent acquisition platform, announced today the launch of its groundbreaking gamified commission structure. The new model incentivizes recruiters by rewarding them not only for successful placements, but also for quality candidate submissions. The sleek application, which allows employers to quickly and easily advertise open positions to 250 expert agency recruiters at a time, is the first in the industry to pay cash awards to runners up. The new gamification elements provide recruiters with additional revenue opportunities, while simultaneously leading to faster and better results for employers.

Co-Founder, Brin McCagg, commented, “Our gamification structure eliminates the antiquated winner-takes-all model and keeps a targeted group of recruiters and candidates highly engaged, yielding better results for employers. Gamification and crowdsourcing have proven to be powerful, results-driven frameworks across many industries, and our platform is the landmark introduction of those concepts to the recruiting industry.”


RecruitiFi’s unique workflow and payment configuration bring much-needed innovation to a tired space. The platform is already successfully positioned as a single point of contact allowing employers to leverage the talent, expertise, and reach of top recruiters in their industries. The addition of their new incentive-based compensation is only increasing the participation by top recruiters and giving better candidate results even faster.


Robb Granado, General Manager of the Brooklyn-based student lending platform CommonBond, noted, “We only have room for all-stars on our team, and we only have so many hours in the day to find them. The RecruitiFi user experience simplifies the hiring process and allows us to bring in high-quality talent very efficiently.”

Similar to a traditional executive search, the recruiter who ultimately makes a successful placement receives the majority of the total commission. However, RecruitiFi sets aside varying prizes of up to $250 for recruiters submitting qualified candidates who advance in the hiring process as well as for candidates hired through the platform. Further gamifying the process, recruiters also accumulate points that can be redeemed for value-added features while serving to increase the recruiter’s ranking and visibility on the site.

RecruitiFi’s innovative model continues to catch the eye of companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to small businesses across America. “All of our clients say that we’re a game-changer,” McCagg noted, “and now we’ve literally changed the rules of the recruiting game.”