Job-Hopping: The New Norm

Aimee Griffin on July 21, 2015 8:00:00 AM EDT


Millennial: it’s quite possibly the most used word in industry rags today, and it’s definitely on the lips of just about every recruiter and HR manager looking to make placements or hires. As the baby boomers retire out of the talent pool and Generation X settles into more senior positions, organizations are shifting focus to recruiting and retaining the Millennial masses. How did a generation so notorious for their lack of commitment usher in the new normal of talent acquisition and employee engagement?

Our new survey of over 1000 Millennials has uncovered some interesting data about Generation Y and they way they think about their futures in the workforce. As a society we may be long past the days when an individual would hold one job at one company for their entire working life, but never before has attrition from one job and moving to another in a very short span of time, known as “job-hopping” been so prevalent.

55% of Millennials believe the trend of job-hopping to be the new normal and see no negative impact of it on the organizations that they work for. Even if this did have a negative impact on their organizations though, it probably wouldn’t stop Gen Y; 83% of Millennials say that they think having “job-hops” on their resume is viewed negatively by potential employers, but 86% of them wouldn’t allow this to prevent them from pursuing their passion.

These statistics along with others detailed in our new eBook, “Job-Hopping: The New Norm,” give greater insight into the motivation and goals of the generation that has become the obsession of talent acquisition departments everywhere. Download the eBook to learn more about what motivates Millennials to switch jobs, the employee related initiatives they want their employers to focus on, their opinions on moving into a blue-collar industry, and more.