IT Recruiting: Mobile Jobseekers are Everywhere

Neil Ungerleider on September 17, 2015 1:40:00 PM EDT


If you’re an IT recruiter, it needs to be said: the more mobile-savvy your strategy, the easier attracting top talent will be. According to a recent set of statistics from Glassdoor, jobseekers are going mobile just like the rest of us, and iPhones and Androids are the preferred platforms on which they figure out their next career steps. 45% of jobseekers use their smartphones to search for jobs at least once a day, 48% of them think mobile devices will be the primary platform for job searches by 2016 at the latest, and 59% say it’s important for them to be able to save a job listing on their mobile phone and return to it on their desktop. 

The main reason for this is simple: jobseekers are just like the rest of us--they love their smartphones. Love for our devices aside, there’s also a second reason why mobile-savvy outreach is so important for recruiters. Smartphones allow discreet job hunting and personal communication inside workplaces where employers may monitor desktop computer communications. By adopting a mobile-friendly outreach policy, recruiters are able to tap into talent when and where they may be most likely to communicate.

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Surprisingly, many employers aren’t getting the message about just how important this is. When recruiting analytics firm iMomentous asked Fortune 500 companies how many of them allowed for mobile job applications in Q3 2013, only 5% had apps with mobile application functionality.

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