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Unleashing talent as a competitive weapon

Aimee Griffin on April 21, 2016 2:42:00 PM EDT

Whether you’re still focusing on traditional “time-to-hire” or agonizing over what an unfilled position is costing your company, you know that when it comes to recruiting and hiring, time is of the essence. This already high pressure situation is exacerbated even further by factors such..

the challenges of recruiting in hypergrowth

Aimee Griffin on April 21, 2016 2:39:00 PM EDT

Perfecting your recruitment and hiring process is hard enough during so-called normal conditions, but as Wrede Petersmeyer and the rest of the team at Airbnb found out, it’s even more difficult during a period of hypergrowth. Since Wrede joined the company in 2013, the company has hired..

Job-Hopping: The New Norm

Aimee Griffin on July 21, 2015 8:00:00 AM EDT

Millennial: it’s quite possibly the most used word in industry rags today, and it’s definitely on the lips of just about every recruiter and HR manager looking to make placements or hires. As the baby boomers retire out of the talent pool and Generation X settles into more senior..

Time to Hire Matters – Just Not the Way You Think

Aimee Griffin on April 7, 2015 1:30:00 PM EDT

“Time to Hire” is a longstanding efficacy metric in corporate recruiting, one that has shaped the way that recruiting professionals source talent. In trying to keep their time to hire down, recruiters focus on the jobs that have been open the longest, which are not necessarily those..